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Nikita Valentin is a pornographic actress who hails from Slovakia. She is 38 years old and is known for doing mostly MILF movies. Even though her age could be a reason for doing so, it has mostly to do with the huge natural bust that she is possessing. She is one of the very few porn actresses who are actually having a day job. She acts in porn films only during the night, while during the day she is working as a computer programmer. She started out her career in 1999 and 2008 marked the year of her last film.

She acts mostly in films that will be released as private releases, although she has done films under major banners like Hustler and Woodman Entertainment. Due to the presence of her day job, she is not the kind of actress to be launching around 10 or so films every single year. Most of her films will be released every two years or so. It is this exclusivity that has made Nikita Valentin one of the most adored adult film actresses today. She is quite famous for doing a number of anal movies over the years. In fact, most of the films that are released featuring Nikita Valentin will be having anal sex as its main niche.

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She is particularly known for her 34DD bust size that makes her instantly suitable for MILF movies. Also, her ripe age of 38 years also makes a certain difference when it comes to this niche. Even though she has done quite a number of porn movies over the years, she is not the one to be fond of piercings and tattoos. She has just one piercing on her whole body. Nikita Valentin might be 38 years old, but it is exactly what makes her one of the best in the industry.